Project Cargo

As a leading logistics company we have extensive project cargo expertise and we fully comprehend the complexity of today’s capital projects and how to execute intricate freight movements.

In appreciation of our wide range of specialist equipment and numerous facilities and our experienced crew, many manufacturers, forwarders and shipping companies look to us for our know-how and service.

We are supported by a professional team who are knowledgeable, flexible, well trained and fully skilled. As a completely integrated logistics organisation we are able to provide solutions to logistically challenging projects.

We have good track record in the handling of heavy equipment and non-standardised goods from a diverse industries including mining, engineering, power plants, petrochemicals, oil & gas and steel mills construction etc.


We offer our logistics services to the RORO users, who are shipping mainly long, heavy, and/or voluminous goods.

Personal Shipments

Personal shipment of cars, including vintage and sports cars are welcome, both as RO-RO and containerised freight.

Commercial Shipments

Commercial fleet shipment, including import & export of new cars and various form of construction equipment.

Outsized Cargo

We offer logistics services for various outsized cargo such as coaches, civil engineering plant, trucks and any other form of wheel based, track based or belt based vehicles.

Containerised Car Shipping

We offer containerised car shipping service if your shipping route does not support RORO or schedules are infrequent or minimum lot size too large for you. Vehicles are driven into a container, secured and lashed professionally to ensure cargo arriving at destination in a tip-top condition.