Land Area 8,001 SQM or 86,131 SQF
Office Space 1,176 SQM or 14,016 SQF
Warehousing Space About 10,000 SQM or 107,208 SQF
1st Floor : Ceiling height of 8.0m with a floor load of 30 KN/M²
2nd Floor : Ceiling height of 7.0m with a floor load of 25 KN/M²
3rd Floor : Ceiling height of 12.0m with a floor load of 25 KN/M²
High Racking VNA
Storage System
4,058 pallet slots each equipped with individual sprinkler head
Loading Bays 10 Lanes of loading/unloading bays
Able to accommodate 10 trucks on side loading bays
Parking Lots 22
Maneuver 12m/8m wide internal driveway for efficient maneuver
Cargo Lifts 2 units of 3 metric tons lifting capacity each.
Handling equipment VNA reach trucks & various forklifts of up to 24 tonne